aniPet Blue Sea Live Wallpaper is released on Android Market

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aniPetBlueSea screenshot aniPetBlueSea screenshot

Do you like Samsung Galaxy S stock Blue Sea live wallpaper? Here is the customizable one with more features.

aniPet Blue Sea is the 5th live wallpaper of aniPet series, it simulates bioluminescent sea creatures floating in blue sea with interaction.

Its main features include:
* Customize each creature’s type, body color, light color, and size
* Change the background with your favorite photos in your gallery
* Avatar picture for each creature displayed with specified touch patterns, replace it with your favorite photos
* Many touch interactions
* Attractive creature animations
Many options available. More creature types and animations coming soon.

How to set aniPet Blue Sea Live Wallpaper:

To set aniPet Aquarium as your live wallpaper, take the following steps:
1) Long press in an empty area of your Home screen, the “Add to Home screen” dialog will pops up, select “Wallpapers”. Or you could press the MENU button, then select “Wallpaper” from the option menu.
2) From the “Select wallpaper from” dialog, select “Live wallpapers”.
3) Select the “aniPet Blue Sea” from the live wallpaper list.
4) Within the “aniPet Blue Sea” preview screen
    a) press “Settings” button to go to Preference Setting dialog.
    You could change the creature’s type, size, body color, light color, and its avatar picture, set creature floating speed, turn on the touch vibration when trigger avatar display or lightning, change the background with your favorite photo.
    Press the BACK button to return to the preview screen.
    b) press the “Set wallpaper” button to set “aniPet Blue Sea” as your live wallpaper.

How to use aniPet Blue Sea Live Wallpaper
Interaction operations:
1) Single tap on a creature to light it.
2) Double tap on a creature to light it, then display its avatar picture.
   You could keep tapping on the creature when its light is on to light it for longer time, then the avatar picture will be displayed longer too.
3) Touch down on empty area, then move over any creature will light that creature.
4) Touch down on a source creature, then move to a destination creature and finish the touch, there will be the lightning from the source creature to the destination creature, the lightning color is the source creature’s light color.
5) Double tap on empty area will trigger creature animations. (only one animation available for current version, more coming soon).    
Creature customization:
1) Press HOME/MENU/Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper / aniPet Blue Sea / Settings to launch settings.
2) Click the “Manage creatures” to display the creature list, which lists all the creatures with their types, sizes, avatar pictures.
3) Click on any creature item to go to the “Creature Settings” page, where you could change the creature’s:
   a) Type  (only 2 types for current version, more coming soon)
   b) Body color
   c) Light color
   d) Size ( 5 – 20)
   e) Avatar picture (click it to change with your favorite photos in your gallery)