aniTime v1.0.0 is released on Android Market

aniTime icon
aniTime screenshot aniTime screenshot

aniTime is a lite version of aniWidget priced at $0.99.
It is a 2×2 widget providing anglog/digital clock & clendar, one touch to switch.

aniTime has 3 screens, including Analog Clock, Digital Clock, and Calendar. 
     1. Analog Clock screen
     Click the Analog Clock will switch to Digital Clock. 
     2. Digital Clock screen
     Click Digital Clock will switch to Calendar.
     Click the “Info” icon on the bottom-right corner to launch Preference Settings.
     Within Preference Settings, you could change the Analog Clock themes (6 themes available),   set your favorite settings for Digital Clock and Calendar, such as change the displayed text colors, etc.  
     3. Calendar screen
     Click the header part of the Calendar will switch to Analog Clock.
     Click the upper part for previous month, click the lower part for next month.

aniWidget V1.0.0 is released on Android Market

aniWidget icon
aniWidget screenshot aniWidget screenshot

aniWidget is a widget for Android Cupcake version.

> How to install/run aniWidget after downloading it to your Android phone
Instead of running aniWidget as a normal application, you add it to your Home screen.
To insert aniWidget, first find/prepare a Home screen with half-screen empty space,
(aniWidget occupies 4×2 icons), then long-press in that empty area,
select “Widgets”,  followed by “aniWidget”.

aniWidget has 4 screens, one touch to move to the next screen.

There is an “Info” button in the right-bottom corner of each screen,
click it to launch Preference dialog to make your favorite selections.
1. Analog Clock/Notepad screen
    Change clock and edit notepad within its Preference dialog.
2. Digital Clock/Tool Box screen\n
   The right Tool Box panel includes tools such as
   Flashlight/Silent Mode Setting/Airplane Mode Setting/Help,
   They are put in the box to avoid launching them incautiously.
   To open/close Tool Box, use the “Key” button in the top-right corner.
3. Calendar/Agenda screen
   Use the left/right arrow button to move to the previous/next month in the left Calendar panel.
   The right panel displays the nearest event within one week from the Google Calendar.
   Click the “Calendar” button in the top-right corner to launch Google Calendar.
4. Weather screen
   Use its Preference dialog to set your city for weather forecast.
   The weather is updated automatically 4 times a day if the Auto Update option is turned on.
   Click the “Refresh” button in the top-right corner to update weather information immediately.

(Although all the buttons in aniWidget are very small, their touch areas are big enough.)

More features (RSS reader etc.) and tools will be added in aniWidget soon.

Enjoy it!