Screensaver Channel is now in Roku Channel Store

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Screensaver Channel is a channel full of different screensavers with new screensavers added in a timely manner.

To set this channel as your screensaver, from the home screen of your Roku player, select
Settings/Screensaver/Screensaver/Screensaver Channel.

The current version has marine and freshwater aquarium, holiday theme screensavers for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine, etc. You could change various settings of each screensaver as well.

Marine Aquarium:
180 fish species for selection, up to 20 fish in the tank, daily changed random fish available.
Screensaver Channel screenshot
Freshwater Aquarium:
80 fish species for selection, up to 20 fish in the tank, daily changed random fish available.
Screensaver Channel screenshot
Screensaver Channel screenshot
Screensaver Channel screenshot
Screensaver Channel screenshot
Screensaver Channel screenshot
Screensaver Channel screenshot
Screensaver Channel screenshot

aniPet Aquarium for FireTV

aniPet Aquarium icon

Turn your TV into a marine aquarium.
Select 20 fish from 180 species to grow.
Feed them and make babies.

Current version features:
* 20 fish categories, 180 fish species
* Up to 20 fish in the tank
* Able to feed fish and fish grows
* Matured fish may have babies
* Background change
* Many options available, such as fish speed, growth speed, light animation, etc.

aniPet Aquarium screenshot
aniPet Aquarium screenshot
aniPet Aquarium screenshot

How to operate:
* To get a vivid aquarium, adjust the picture mode on your TV.
* To keep aquarium on, disable screensaver.
* To feed fish, press OK button for Roku, SELECT button for FireTV.
Begin a new feeding after all the food pellets are eaten.
* To launch main menu, press * button for Roku, MENU button for FireTV.

aniPet Aquarium screenshot


aniPet Aquarium screenshot


aniPet Aquarium screenshot

Set Fish growth speed to 0 to disable fish growth.
Set Light animation speed to 0 to remove light animation.

Background selection:

aniPet Aquarium screenshot

Move the focus to the favorite background then press OK button to select.

There could be up to 20 fish in the tank.

aniPet Aquarium screenshot

Each fish could be removed or changed to other species.

aniPet Aquarium screenshot
To change a fish, first select fish category, the species will be automatically changed to that category. Select a species within that category, then select fish size (1.0 ~ 2.99), press Change button to change the fish.
Press the Remove button directly to remove the fish from the tank.
When Up/Down buttons are used for value selection(such as fish category, fish species, fish size), use Left/Right buttons to move focus.

To have baby fish:
1) Wait until mother fish reach 4.0 in size.
2) Feed within a day.
3) Whenever aquarium is launched, there is 1/5 chance for a mother fish to have a baby.
4) A baby fish will stay with mother fish for 7 days.
Afterwards, the baby fish will be an individual fish when there are less than 20 fish in the tank,
otherwise the baby fish will be gone.

1) You need to feed your fish daily.
During a day, one food pellet is enough for a fish. Fish would try to get extra food only after all fish in the tank have been fed.
2) It takes about 300 days for a baby fish (size 1.0) to be mature.
You could set “Fish growth speed” to 10 to shorten it to 30 days.
3) You could set “Fish growth speed” to 0 to disable fish growth.
4) If the “Fish die without food” option is checked under “Settings”, fish would die after 4 days without any food. But you could uncheck it to bring the fish back, then feed them.

LekuTV (乐酷电视) for Amazon FireTV is released

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• 收录近1500部影视综艺节目
• 内容不断更新中
• 界面操作简单,播放流畅
• 支持播放记忆,拼音搜索,个人频道设置等功能
• 所有播放源来自于网络。

乐酷电视 screenshot 电影节目浏览:
乐酷电视 screenshot 新闻节目浏览:
乐酷电视 screenshot 综艺节目浏览:
乐酷电视 screenshot 剧集选择:
乐酷电视 screenshot 播放:
乐酷电视 screenshot
乐酷电视 screenshot
乐酷电视 screenshot